Bupati Sanggau Resmikan Rumah Betang Dio Radakng dan Buka Gawai Dayak Radakng Kesatu

Bupati Sanggau Resmikan Rumah Betang Dio Radakng dan Buka Gawai Dayak Radakng Kesatu

Bupati Sanggau, Paolus Hadi, along with his deputy, Yohanes Ontot, officially opened the first Radakng Dayak gadget and inaugurated the Radakng Betang House in Balai district, Sanggau Regency, Thursday (25/5). During the occasion, Bupati Sanggau, Paolus Hadi, stated that the opening of the Dayak gadget and the inauguration of the Betang house were a form of support from the local government to advance and preserve culture, specifically Dayak culture in Sanggau Regency.

“And the inauguration has already taken place today, and I am proud and happy that Balai district now has Dio Radakng,” said Bupati Sanggau, Paolus Hadi.

Paolus Hadi noted that fifteen sub-districts in Sanggau Regency would have Betang house established soon, with ten sub-districts having already built them. He hoped that all fifteen sub-districts would have Betang houses in the coming year.

“I am grateful for the success of the inauguration of Dio Radakng and the opening of the first Tarakng Dayak Gawai in Balai district,” said Bupati Sanggau.

“I would like to urge the DAD of Balai district to preserve the Dio Radakng, and I have already handed over its management to ensure that it is truly taken care of. We don’t want the Dio Radakng to only be used once a year, and it should be a center for Dayak culture and unity,” he added.

“This is a significant part of government participation for the Dayak community in Sanggau Regency,” Bupati Sanggau emphasized.

Meanwhile, Wakil Bupati Sanggau, Yohanes Ontot, who is also the chairman of DAD Sanggau Regency, expressed his pleasure that Dio Radakng in Balai district was inaugurated by the Bupati Sanggau.

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“Dio Radakng has been a long-time dream of the people, and finally, it was inaugurated today in Balai district. Therefore, as Dayak people, we must be able to preserve our ancestors’ customs and traditions,” said Yohanes Ontot.

As the chairman of DAD Sanggau Regency, Yohanes Ontot said that with the inauguration of Dio Radakng, the younger generation could learn about their culture, customs, and traditions.

“So that our younger generation does not lose their culture, customs, and traditions and do not lose their identity as Dayak people. Because in any way, Dio Radakng represents the unity and togetherness of the Dayak community,” stressed Wakil Bupati Sanggau, Yohanes Ontot.

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